Combo Qazam

Upcoming Shows
26-oct-2019: dB’s, Utrecht, w/ Trumans Water
10-nov-2019: Le Mini Who?, Utrecht, w/ Oliver Oat
30-nov-2019: Tiny Room 5 Year Anniversary Party, De Kromme Haring, Utrecht

Artist Bio
Combo Qazam consists of four men with 80 years of experience in 40 bands. These men found the urge to transform their experience into the music they want to hear. After a year of trying out ideas, recording, writing and starting from scratch again, they came up with a mix of kraut, mathrock and postpunk that made their own hearts tickle. Somewhere between Can, Battles and This Heat. The record is done and will come out early 2020, there are some upcoming shows and the music has become what they wanted: free, resourceful, urgent and special.

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