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Disintegration Loop video

The Skinny just premiered the new video by Moon Moon Moon, for the song Disintegration Loop (from the new album Help! Help!, to be released March 17th).

The video is more than beautiful. When we saw this for the first time, we were blown away and it totally convinced us this artist is truly something special. We wanted in, after seeing this. We are glad it’s finally out there, so you can be included in this secret as well.

There’s a nice piece and an interview about the song & video with mastermind Mark Lohmann over here on their website.

Todd Tobias – Gila Man

All Todd Tobias solo albums tell a story. Impossible Cities (2014) was based on the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Tristes Tropiques (2015) drew its inspiration from a book with the same title by Claude Lévi-Strauss. Gila Man (release date: October 18th, 2016) totally relies on your own imagination. It’s a soundtrack to an imaginary film. Some records need that fascinating, endless fantasy that children have, and Gila Man is such a record. Create your own stories while listening to its amazing soundtrack. Let Gila Man be your guide.

It’s also the first Todd solo album to contain beautiful (wordless) vocals by English songwriter Chloë March. Gila Man delivers a mixture of psychedelic Western and dark science fiction and is a worthy addition to the wide sound palette Todd created so far with his other albums. The surreal, dreamy and sometimes frightening songs are suitable for anyone who likes adventurous, experimental, weird or melancholy music (like Popol Vuh, American Analog Set, The Residents and Ennio Morricone).

Listen to the Album Teaser (provided by our publishing partners Hidden Shoal) here:

Gila Man is out on Tiny Room Records on October 18th. Single ‘Pollen Path’ will precede the album on September 6th.

1. Down From Sky Island
2. Race To The Barrens
3. Pollen Path
4. Howlers Hill
5. Queen Mab
6. Highlake’s Last Stand
7. Tularosa
8. Popskull Kid
9. The Talon
10. Doctor Of Mars
11. Sky Island Return
12. Mirage
13. Dowser’s Leap
14. Lost Nation Road










Welcome Master Solo!

Almost ten years ago, musician and visual artist Mark Jennings (Norwich, UK) enlightened Europe with his project Master Solo. After numerous tours under this moniker, he decided to focus on other projects in 2009. The album Not So Solo, recorded with a band in 2007, was shelved before ever being released.


Recently we stumbled upon the master of Not So Solo by Master Solo, flinging about in the Tiny Room HQ. The album blew us away. The songs were as strong as they were 10 years ago, with a great and clear production. Like good wine, time did a great job: we suddenly held what appeared to be a classic indie rock record in our hands. Somewhere between Pavement and Daniel Johnston, with witty lyrics crooned on crunchy guitars and electronics. Now, almost ten years after being recorded, we are proud to finally release this timeless beauty into the world!

Not So Solo will be released on cassette/digital on May 14th, 2016. In celebration of this almost-lost record, Master Solo will be playing his tunes for an audience one last time. The event will take place in Theater Kikker (Utrecht) and Mark will be playing with Lost Bear as his backing band.

Watch the video for ‘Holidays On Ice’ here:

Hello vinyl!

We are proud to announce our first vinyl on Tiny Room Records! Howart, the Utrecht-based psych/art formation around Anneke Nieuwdorp, will release their self-titled debut on 180 grams 12″ vinyl (limited edition of 100) later in 2016. Stay tuned for the official release date (note: we had to postpone the April release and release show in Ekko due to personal circumstances).

Watch the first video for a song aptly titled ‘Song’ here. The video was shot during the turn of the year 2010-2011 in Finland, where I am Oak​ – who share(d) some members with Howart​ – recorded their album Nowhere Or Tammensaari.