Release show Inside The Dragon

05-LostBear-LostBearReleaseParty.jpgThe release show of Inside The Dragon (the new double LP by Lost Bear) in dB’s, Utrecht was a great success! An uplifting show by lo-fi all-female pop group Cora Kemperman & De Schuurmachines, quiet & gloomy ditties by The Avonden and loud and harsh anthems by Baby Galaxy. Lost Bear was focussed, energetic, absurd and dynamic. In between bands the great Johan Gijsen was spinning the CDs (how 90s can you get?). Lots of love, beer, and great people. 3voor12/Utrecht was there as well, they wrote a piece and shot some nice pictures. Read it here.


Todd Tobias – Gila Man

All Todd Tobias solo albums tell a story. Impossible Cities (2014) was based on the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Tristes Tropiques (2015) drew its inspiration from a book with the same title by Claude Lévi-Strauss. Gila Man (release date: October 18th, 2016) totally relies on your own imagination. It’s a soundtrack to an imaginary film. Some records need that fascinating, endless fantasy that children have, and Gila Man is such a record. Create your own stories while listening to its amazing soundtrack. Let Gila Man be your guide.

It’s also the first Todd solo album to contain beautiful (wordless) vocals by English songwriter Chloë March. Gila Man delivers a mixture of psychedelic Western and dark science fiction and is a worthy addition to the wide sound palette Todd created so far with his other albums. The surreal, dreamy and sometimes frightening songs are suitable for anyone who likes adventurous, experimental, weird or melancholy music (like Popol Vuh, American Analog Set, The Residents and Ennio Morricone).

Listen to the Album Teaser (provided by our publishing partners Hidden Shoal) here:

Gila Man is out on Tiny Room Records on October 18th. Single ‘Pollen Path’ will precede the album on September 6th.

1. Down From Sky Island
2. Race To The Barrens
3. Pollen Path
4. Howlers Hill
5. Queen Mab
6. Highlake’s Last Stand
7. Tularosa
8. Popskull Kid
9. The Talon
10. Doctor Of Mars
11. Sky Island Return
12. Mirage
13. Dowser’s Leap
14. Lost Nation Road










Press on Aligned With Juniper

The press is treating the new Queen of the Meadow album very well. Thank you all for these kind words! Last week, another awesome review appeared on Krenten Uit de Pop as well as in the latest OOR:

OOR recensie

We did our best collecting (and translating) these opinions. Below you’ll find 12 separate reasons (from people with authority) why you should buy Aligned With Juniper on our Bandcamp page.

OOR: “enchanting acoustic songs”
Caleidoscoop: “an incredible dream debut”
Krenten Uit De Pop: “extremely charming pop songs”
Hifi: “endearing and addictive”
Music Won’t Save You: “Aligned With Juniper is the epitome of immediacy and spontaneity”
Ingeplugd: “the rare flower among all the others in the meadow”
ProgLog Afterglow: “beautiful, frail compositions with fragile vocals”
Rudolfs Music: “a special and intimate album with folk music in its purest form”
Here Comes The Flood: “songs that are both soothing and confident”
Written In Music: “the contradiction in sound, emotion and lyrics makes this album special and versatile” – 4.5/5 stars
Peek-A-Boo: “a strong debut” – 8/10 stars
In De Ban Van: 4/5 stars

Lost Bear – Inside The Dragon

On September 16th we will release Inside The Dragon, the new double LP (on two slabs of blue wax) by Lost Bear. A lot of songs in a lot of minutes. Never Mind The Hype just premiered this news, along with a new track from the album called Boomerang Bolsjevic. It’s different than Craaash!, the single that came out on January 1st (also featured on the album). We imagine there’s a lot of gold digging in this creative explosion, for people who like music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Music for people who like music, in general. Read the great piece on Never Mind The Hype here, so you can get as excited as we are!

Lost Bear – Inside The Dragon
2xLP (12″ blue vinyl)
Out on September 16th, 2016 on Tiny Room Records



1. Demonico In Rosso
2. Craaash!
3. African Barbershops
4. Nos Photos Parlantes
5. Electric Utopia
6. Excessive Violins
7. Inflatable Jesus

8. Magic Wallet
9. The Honesty Trains
10. Cedric Superchord
11. Everybody Loves Hanuta
12. Sugarheart (Diabetic For A Week)
13. Wolfman
14. Malenky Bit Nasty

15. Geeter
16. Inside The Dragon
17. Boomerang Bolsjevic
18. Count Count
19. Radio Telescopes
20. Wind, Hat, Blown, Wet
21. Delay On / Light Off

22. Yeah Yeah Crispy Michael, Let’s Go!
23. Young Rick
24. Fields Of Mayonnaise
25. Garden Of Nettles
26. Between My Legs
27. Gnang Nang Nang
28. Eggs ‘n Grapes
29. Rainbow Weaver
30. A F#00 Organic