Queen Of The Meadow

fb banner v2In a few weeks, the debut album by French duo Queen of the Meadow will be released on Tiny Room Records. The lovely and talented couple Helen Ferguson and Julien Pras from Bordeaux (France) made this album together. We are really happy to release it on cd/digital on June 10th, 2016.


Really, the whole record makes us smile and cry at the same time. It’s a heartbreaking, beautiful, timeless indiepop/folk album. It changed our life, and our perspective on music. We think that this is an album that should be heard. That’s why we release it, that’s why we think you should give it a listen too. There is no point in releasing okay-ish albums, and this one is right up there in our favorite-albums-ever section. You might think we’re exaggerating, but it’s the damn truth. Or at least our truth.

And now, it’s finally time to share. So here it is, the opening song of Aligned With Juniper – and first single by Queen of the Meadow – called Caleb. Pre-orders are up now too. They will ship right away!