End of Latin webcoverTR019
The World of Dust – Bhava
July 7, 2017
cd / digital
Reissue on cd of the debut album by The World of Dust. Epic lo-fi progrock album, a meditative and adventurous journey.

End of Latin webcoverTR018
Sven Agaath – End Of Latin
June 27, 2017
cassette / digital
Follow-up to the first Tiny Room release. Another album full of catchy songs, peculiar rhythms and a great drive. Sci-fi grunge! 

Golden Moon webcoverTR016 / TR017
The World of Dust – Golden Moon
May 19, 2017
CD / digital / book
A twisted, diverse, psychedelic, lo-fi radio station. Also a 44-page book (A4, full colour) filled with surreal images and lyrics.

Moon Moon Moon - Help! Help! (1400X1400)TR015
Moon Moon Moon – Help! Help!
March 17, 2017
CD / digital
A dark universe filled with music, illustrations and games, created by the 23-year-old Mark Lohmann from Heerhugowaard.

Todd Tobias – Gila Man
October 18, 2016
CD / digital
A wordless musical novella that merges a psychedelic Western with shadowy science fiction.

Lost Bear – Inside The Dragon
September 16, 2016
double vinyl / digital
Two slabs of blue vinyl. A creative explosion of ideas, recorded by five friends on a 4-track with a sixpack in the studio.

Master Solo – Not So Solo
May 12, 2016
cassette / digital
Finally released, after 10 years of collecting dust. Great, uplifting indie rock record with witty lyrics and crunchy guitars.

Queen Of The Meadow – Aligned With Juniper
June 10, 2016
CD / digital
Timeless folk/indie record by a fragile French lady and her partner. A life-changing album, all-time favorite.

Lost Bear – CRAAASH! b/w Captain Salt
January 1, 2016
Lo-fi retards are back with a danceable pop gem released on the first day of the New Year, as a preview to the new album.

This Leo Sunrise – Do Not Always See
November 10, 2015
CD / digital
Best Dutch band ever is back with a new slowcore/alt.folk classic. Sludgy guitars and a haunting, wailing voice.

The World Of Dust – Womb Realm
September 29, 2015
CD / digital
Todd Tobias produced mini album with intimate and soothing indie pop songs. Beautiful and short contemplations.

Todd Tobias – Moorea
June 9, 2015
CD-r / digital
The companion EP to Tristes Tropiques. More guitar-driven and upbeat, with Hawaiian influences.

Todd Tobias – Tristes Tropiques
June 9, 2015
CD-r / digital
Melancholy-soaked quiet ambient sounds from a lost tropical world. Eerie, ethereal and incredibly sad.

Lost Bear – Monkey Pop
May 31, 2015
cassette / digital
Dark, groovy, hypnotic indie rock songs with hints at psychedelica, lo-fi and krautrock. Cassette edition of 25.

Impossible Cities 2 web coverTR003
Todd Tobias – Impossible Cities 2
November 1, 2014
CD-r / digital
The companion EP to Impossible Cities, with 10 extra haunting pieces that have a more ambient, calm character.

Todd Tobias – Impossible Cities
October 28, 2014
CD / digital
Sixteen miniature instrumentals by former GBV-producer. Dark, hypnotic and scary. Highly addictive weird stuff.

High res coverTR001
Sven Agaath – Simple Field Calculator
October 28, 2014
CD / digital
Lost Bear’s Gino and Arno combine loud grunge and shoegaze guitars with reggaeton rhythms.  Danceable and dirty!