Who are we?
Tiny Room Records is a Dutch record label for underground artists. We help upcoming bands with their recordings, tours, releases, and with reaching their (niche) audience – focussed mainly on The Netherlands. We stand for small-scale, sympathetic releases of artists that make music out of love, passion and/or necessity, whether it’s indie rock, lo-fi, psychedelica, ambient or folk.

The label was founded by Stefan Breuer in 2014, with the idea to do things a little differently. We see ourselves as operating in a parallel universe (that some might call the underground scene). Of course there is some overlap with the mainstream music industry, and there is nothing wrong with running your band or label like a business. It’s just not our thing.

Our thing
So what is our thing? Well, first of all, it’s having a lot of fun, while developing your creative qualities. Music is supposed to make you feel better, to transcend. It’s also about getting in contact with your friends, old and new. It’s about adventures: going on tour in a small van, recording in moist bunkers, sheds or basements. It’s about playing shows, organizing release events for your friends, family and other people who might like your music. It’s about being part of a scene, contributing, being involved. It’s like being part of a family, of an alternative to the mainstream. It’s mostly about creation. About making the most awesome limited-run albums with beautiful artwork, where years of recording, devotion, experiences and the need to create come together…

It’s about a lot. Our ambitions are artistic above all. We want to work with our artists on these ambitions. How can you be a better, more satisfied artist? Everybody gets satisfaction from other things and we help our artists wherever we can, by working together on artwork, recordings, events, pressings, promotion, sales, or by giving guidance and advice.

Music as a business
We see music as a very important part of our lives. However, for several reasons we don’t treat it like a business. To have a thriving business and to make a living out of something (running a label or being an artist), you will have to make certain choices – artistic, creative, promotion-wise, or idealistic. We don’t want to make these choices.

Tiny Room is a non-profit concept, based on the principle that you can’t get blood from a stone. We offer our time, energy, network and ideas to those who want to be a part of our family and see ambition as a liquid concept, not limited to finances.

The alternate universe we find ourselves in has so much to give, in terms of happiness, insight, adventures, surprises, contacts and creativity. If you expect a label to make you a lot of money, please don’t contact us. If you like our philosophy and want to talk about your creative ambitions, you can always drop us a line at info@tinyroom.nl. EDIT 17.10.2022: At the moment we’re not taking on new submissions for the label (for various reasons), but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out in any other way. Maybe you’re looking for a show, you’re interested in the DIY handbook we wrote, or you just want to share and talk about your music – let’s keep the underground thriving together. But unfortunately we can’t help you with your upcoming release for the time being.