GARCIAPHONE (c) Julie Lopez

Garciaphone is the brainchild of Olivier Perez. Operating from his home in Clermont-Ferrand (a medium sized French town in a volcanic area), he has made beautiful songs for more than ten years now. Sometimes he acts alone, sometimes with a band (like on Constancia, released in 2013). For the new album Dreameater, he chose another setting: piano based, minimal indie folk. You can hear echoes from late 90s bedroom pop (like Grandaddy, Sparklehorse or Elliott Smith), but also the dreamy influence of temporary bands like Ultimate Painting and Chris Cohen.

During a year and half, Olivier stopped dreaming at night. His ideals for a better world were crushed as well, with all the bad stuff happening in the world. The music business, where everyone seemed to be more concerned with money and success, did not shift these negative thoughts. Olivier sat down to write an aggressive, powerful record. But every time he picked up a guitar, all these quiet and slow songs came out of his hands. Olivier realized that that’s how rage sometimes comes out, by quieting things. It’s not about muting the rage, just letting go of it. 

True story: the night after Dreameater was recorded and mixed (and on its way to the mastering studio), Olivier dreamt like he hadn’t for years.

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