Howart is the debut album of artist Anneke Nieuwdorp. The 6-track mini LP is like a diary and describes the transformation of a girl to a grown woman. Experiences, feelings and memories create a tension curve between history and future. The songs represent a transition from naivety to curiosity. From many small loves to a few big ones. From quests and desires to awareness and resignation.

Howart is a time document, put together from various sources. A poem by William Butler Yeats that Anneke read 15 years ago, was reused for the record. An eight year old study experiment came in handy in a new composition years later. While building and stacking sounds and ideas in her home studio, lots of pieces were taken from the past to come up with something new in the present.

Anneke Nieuwdorp combines everything she makes in her project Howart, resulting in experimental, exciting ambient soundscapes with poppy melodies. On stage Anneke is assisted by Dave Mollen (drums), Gino Miniutti (bass) and Stefan Breuer (guitar, vocals) and a mix of psychedelica, kraut rock and noise pop comes to life.

Howart released their self-titled debut on 180 grams 12″ vinyl (limited edition of 100) on 15 June 2018.