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Logout’s sixth album is entitled “Πονέμελα (Ponemela)”, which is a new word that does not exist in Greek dictionaries. It’s the second record of Greek-language tracks by the Athens based songwriter.

Ponemela includes 9 songs that are like indoor photos, taken over the past 14 years and arranged in order of brightness. The sharp contrast of the mood of the photographs has created the album title (ponos meaning pain and anemela meaning carelessness). It is close to the concept of harmolypi, a Greek word that expresses a feeling of happiness mixed with sorrow, but with the conflicting feelings being more permanent. It is a useful word to describe getting used to pain and being okay about it, but it definitely also describes these songs.

The 9 Ponemelas were recorded during the summer of 2020 together with Orestis Petrakis, they are featuring the stormy drums of Nikos Thessalonikeus on 8 of the 9 tracks and the guest vocals of Miss Trichromi on the track “Sunday”. The album was mixed and mastered in the beginning of 2022 by Vasilis Dokakis.

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