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26.02.2020 @ OCCII, Amsterdam

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Singer, songwriter and producer LOGOUT merges traditional folk songwriting with experimental and electronic instrumentation. His first two albums were recorded in Athens, Greece and released in 2011 and 2013 through Inner Ear Records. Third album N91° (Tiny Room Records, 10 May 2019) explores a more synth-based instrumentation, translating folk and indie songwriting into minimalistic synth pop and ambient soundscapes. During live concerts, LOGOUT usually performs with the aid of live-looping, samples, natural instruments and even live video art.

N91° is the story of an outcast waking up on a sandy beach without any recollection from the past. Gradually he starts remembering what brought him there by the little things he finds on his torn clothes: a plane ticket, a handwritten note saying ‘love me like there’s no tomorrow’, a part of clothe from a kite. A body of a woman is lying close to him on the sandy beach. Logic and time unwinds as the memory of the accident returns. In reality or in dream, the woman returns to life and the two of them sail on wild waters beyond the 90 latitude parallels of the map.

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