Microplaza © Ab al Tamimi

5 November 2021: Het Koffiepand, Middelburg
13 November 2021: U?, Studio Patrick, Utrecht
23 November 2021: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Read The Room is already the third 7″-with-many-songs by Microplaza. As far as possible, the music is measured even more manically this time, and the lyrics are even more desolate.

Microplaza is the indie pop duo of multi-instrumentalist Arno Breuer (Combo Qazam) and singer Benjamin van Vliet (Microwolf), born from a spontaneous Facebook appointment to make music together in 2018. After the debut (where there we no expectations yet) and the successor (which had to raise the bar), there is now a third baby.

In the 7-inch format as a multi-song vehicle, every choice counts for two. This time Arno chose the measure that makes the music: almost all songs are in 5/4, the closing track is off beat. Contributions on trumpet, synthesizer and children’s choir complete the whole. Read The Room is another mini-album that makes optimal use of space and time. A small room, with posters on the walls of Sparklehorse, Thom Yorke, WHY? and Thee More Shallows.