Moon Moon Moon

Persfoto MMM

Moon Moon Moon is a universe created by Mark Lohmann, a 23-year-old musician from Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. His illustrations, music and games are all part of his personal, dark fairytale. He fills his days working on this Gesamtkunstwerk from his bedroom studio.

In 2014, Mark recorded his debut album ‘I Want! I Want!’ at home, with a borrowed microphone that had been laying around for years. Recording sessions mostly took place at night, sometimes even right from his bed. Moon Moon Moon was born.

‘I Want! I Want!’ gained attention from various Dutch blogs, and Moon Moon Moon – with a 5-piece live band – played shows at esteemed festivals like Le Guess Who?, Incubate and Here Comes The Summer. In 2015 the EP ‘Will O’ The Wisp!’ was released, not on vinyl or cd, but through an art game. In 2016, the Leiden International Film Festival asked Mark to create an album inspired by the movies of their American Indie Competition. This album, ‘Sitting Through Credits’, was released on vinyl at the end of the year.

‘Help! Help!’ is the latest chapter in Moon Moon Moon’s alternate reality. The album, for which Mark recorded all the instruments and made the artwork himself once again, deals with dreamy escapism but also has a destructive nature. Disillusionments are being romanticized. The dreamy folk is a kindred spirit to the music of Sparklehorse, Eels, The Microphones and Múm.

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