Moonchy & Tobias

Moonchy & Tobias is a collaboration between vocalist Pat Moonchy (Sothiac) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Todd Tobias (GBV, Robert Pollard). They have six releases out on Tiny Room Records.

Moonchy & Tobias’s new album Wild Eye runs ritual threads throughout its tracklist like tingles of deja vu. Nocturnal and unnerving, it unfolds like an intoxicating fever dream, ebbing and flowing in shadowy splendour. The title track’s intro and epilogue counterbalance a pulsing tribal bedrock with Pat Moonchy’s shimmering voice. Single ‘Shangri La’ and its reprise could well have soundtracked James Hilton’s Lost Horizon, its strident strings and horns capturing the listener in fevered rapture. ‘The Goldsmith’ feels like a Quaalude-infused cross between a Western and a horror movie thanks to its low-slung arpeggiated guitar. ‘Mirage’ has an intoxicating majesty, stumbling like a drunken Cocteau Twins. ‘Numilla’ is similarly off kilter, almost falling over with every step, yet somehow assured in its ultimate destination.

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