Moonchy & Tobias

Moonchy & Tobias III is the third collaborative album of vocalist Pat Moonchy (Sothiac) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Todd Tobias (GBV, Robert Pollard). It is an album shrouded in nighttime darkness, with eerie soundscapes and lyrics in Latin.

On their new album Moonchy & Tobias delve deeper into the shadowy recesses of their intoxicating sound, creating an immersive soundtrack to our most uncanny nightmares. Moonchy’s primal vocals, mostly sung in Latin, thread through Tobias’s nocturnal atmospheres like smoke. As Moonchy explains, “When I sing in Latin it feels like discovering the details of ancient lives lost in time.” There’s a definite sense that something latent and primordial is being summoned – yet the full extent of its power is cloaked in mystery. The midnight hour has a new transportive soundtrack.

Moonchy & Tobias are Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and American instrumentalist Todd Tobias. Moonchy is one-half of the experimental band Sothiac, plays in duos alongside trombonist Angelo Contini and jazz drummer Lino Liguori and in the Tai-No Orchestra. Ohio native Tobias is a long-time collaborator with Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices), and provided the musical backing to Pollard’s vocals in the freak-rock trio Circus Devils. Tobias has also released a series of themed instrumental albums under his own name, and a duo album with Chloe March titled Amialluma. Moonchy & Tobias released their self-titled debut album on Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal in 2018. Atmosfere followed in 2019. The new album Moonchy & Tobias III will see the light of day on October 30, 2020.

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