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The World of Dust – 13 Holy Nights (out now)

The World of Dust steps into the realm of dreams and delivers a lofi triphop album soaked in magic realism.

The 13 Holy Nights take place from 23th December to 6th January. According to anthroposophical teachings, a stronger connection with the spiritual world is possible during this magical time. By following ancient rituals you can reconnect with the natural world and tune in with where you stand in life. One way to look back on the past year and forward to the next is through dreams. During the winter solstice of 2022, The World of Dust’s Stefan Breuer documented his dreams and turned them into these songs. 

13 Holy Nights was recorded on a Tascam 388, a ¼-inch tape machine Stefan also used when he started recording at the age of 10. No guitars were used, just percussion, bass, vocals and keyboards. Most of the sounds come from the Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler synthesizer. Weird new sounds for weird dreams, influenced by artists like Robert Wyatt, Portishead, Robert Pollard and The Microphones.

The album has already had a temporary release on Instagram during the last Holy Nights (one song a day, accompanied by AI artwork), but now sees an official release on 7th June by the labels Tiny Room Records (Netherlands), Lousy Moon Records (Germany) and Almost Halloween Time Records (Italy, a label that makes custom album art for every vinyl copy).

Coaster – Painted Faces out now

Painted Faces by Coaster is out now! Listen here if you’re into slowfolk a la Alex G, Low, Red House Painters and Duster. While you’re at it, secure a copy of this beautifully sounding wax with amazing album art – this is why they invented vinyl, right? Coaster (w/ support of Immen) is celebrating this milestone with a release show this Thursday in dB’s, Utrecht. See ya there!

Coaster – Waves (official video)

Watch the video for the 3rd single taken off the debut album by Coaster, Painted Faces. This song is called Waves and it’s the last song on the LP. ❤️

“Waves is about being too tired to pretend and wanting to throw yourself into water. Not because you want to be sleeping with the fishes, but because you want to escape and fall asleep with the calm and meditative waves.”

Coaster – Painted Faces (preorder)

Pre-orders are up now for Painted Faces, the debut LP of Coaster, a new slowcore/shoegaze/dreamfolk band hailing from Utrecht. Listen to three of the tracks on our Bandcamp page. The vinyl is in already, so it can reach your doormat pretty soon. Then you can hear the rest 😁 This is such a great album if you’re into artists like Alex G, Low, Red House Painters and Duster! Comfort food for the sad kids!

wh^rl & Tonsils live shows at Studio Patrick

Since last year, Utrecht based psychedelic post-punk band Combo Qazam has been hosting shows in their rehearsal space, Studio Patrick. During these nights, they are hosting experimental, weird, funny, loud, quiet and great music by independent artists and great people. Studio Patrick is one of the coolest underground venues in the Netherlands. Great sound, cheap drinks, good DIY vibes and the best indie music.

On March 23rd, 2024, Combo Qazam invites wh^rl (whose self-titled debut album came out last November on Tiny Room), who will come with a full band to perform his beautiful, bare lo-fi/indie/folk/blues/noise songs. After that, the Belgian jumpy indie pop outfit Tonsils comes back to the Netherlands, especially for this show. We are beyond excited! If you want to check out Studio Patrick and come to this show, so you’re that cool kid that knows what’s up, look up studio_patrick_utrecht on Instagram and find out more.

New signing: Coaster

Finally it’s time again to welcome some fresh, new blood into the Tiny Room family! We’d like to introduce you to Coaster, the shimmering slowcore outfit of Bart Appel & Paul Dijkman. First singles Detach and What You’re Doing To Me are already out into the world – go to Spotify or Bandcamp and find out for yourself why we’re so siked. This is our kinda jam!

Their debut LP Painted Faces comes out on Tiny Room Records on April 5th, 2024. A week later (on Thursday April 11th), their release show takes place in dB’s, with support by the mighty Immen. More news soon!

Releases in 2024

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on a new set-up for the label. One that is more communal, where artists can do more themselves (or, Do It Together) while learning the basics of music promotion. This way, we hope to distribute more awesome, beautiful and special recorded music into the world, while maintaining our own sanity and workload. In the near future, there will be new releases by Todd Tobias, The World of Dust, Boeije, Jake Nicoll and Coaster. Yeah!

Live music in 2024

Tomorrow, we are present at the Sound of Young Holland, the annual showcase of the Dutch independent scene in O’Ceallaigh and Kult. Very cool to be hosting the upper floor in O’Ceallaigh on this fest, organized together with Subroutine, Lepel and Zeevonk. You can see wh^rl (photo) and Immen in our tiny room. 

The coming months, we’ll continue to host shows as Combo Qazam in our rehearsal space / indie venue Studio Patrick in Utrecht. We have cool stuff coming up like Kenmujo next Monday, Zea and Môgô in February and wh^rl and Tonsils in March. For now, the Tiny Adventures in De Groeverij have been put on hold for a while, but who knows what the future has in stock! Stay tuned for LIVE MUSIC 😀

2023 in releases

When it comes to releasing new albums, 2023 was a bit quieter than usual. We had a small hiatus in the first half of the year, and then came back in the fall with two amazing albums. Microwolf’s Changelings is a postfolktrip, where you can keep expanding your horizon while discovering new layers of sound. The self-titled double album by wh^rl followed shortly after, 15 tracks from the other side of the lo-fi indie spectrum. We are very proud to have these two albums in our catalogue!