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New single by Astral Swans: Flood (feat. Julie Doiron)

Big news! The new self-titled Astral Swans album comes out on Tiny Room Records and Major Tom Records on October 8th. First single Flood is out now, and it features Julie Doiron (Eric’s Trip, Mount Eerie) on backing vocals!

Astral Swans’ songwriter Matthew Swann about the single: “Flood is a song that has some sway. It was one of the earliest songs completed for the record. The objective was to create an upbeat, danceable pop song, that’s slightly sinister. The song has a lot of space and throwback production nods; think Scott Walker, meets Linda Ronstadt, meets Air (saxophone, mellotron strings, bass triplets). Julie’s background vocals then take everything to a higher plane. So musically we have all that going on, and then lyrically it’s from the perspective of this Dostoyevskian underground man, antisocial personality type, who’s literally dreaming about being the last man on earth, alone with the object of his desires. The music is all glamour, contrasted against the unglamourous lyrics about the delusions of a 4chan incel.”

New single by The World of Dust: Goodbye

Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal are excited to announce the first single from True Sound, the new album by The World of Dust, the musical project of Stefan Breuer, featuring Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils). The single is available to stream on SoundCloud and the album will see release on the 10th of September 2021 through Tiny Room Records, Stereo Dasein and Hidden Shoal. Listen to ‘Goodbye’ here:

In some ways a concept album, True Sound charts a very personal exploration of the life and death of Stefan Breuer’s grandparents. The unique overarching narrative that plays out with each song, and the warmth of the delivery, unites the album into a moving and consistent whole. As with The World of Dust’s acclaimed previous album, Samsara, the instrumental elements on True Sound were created by Todd Tobias, who sent them to Breuer to write and sing the lyrics. Tobias’s wonderfully melodic compositions call to mind his work with Robert Pollard, creating a haunting marriage when combined with Breuer’s pure vocal tones, reminiscent of The White Birch’s Ola Flottum. 

Combo Qazam live at the Vechtclub XL, Utrecht

First live show we organized in more than a year… and it’s happening this Monday (June 14) already! Combo Qazam will play the big hall of the Vechtclub XL in Utrecht. Seats are limited to 30, and all usual corona measurements are in place. No need to test or anything though, you just have to be healthy and buy a ticket in advance. We are beyond excited and really hope you will share this weird sitting-on-a-chair-with-distance-between-you experience with us one last time.

Tickets here (get them fast)!

It’s a special show for Combo Qazam, cause it’s the first (and probably last) time they will perform as a three-piece. Guitarist Gino is still quarantined, but will re-enter society soon. The other members worked on new material all year and are eager to share their work with you. Expect a few Flight Music ditties, and a lot of new and newer stuff. It’s dark, groovy, and cool.

We are happy with the opportunity that Vechtclub XL gave us, as it is not possible at the moment to host shows in our own Studio Patrick. We hope to be able to soon, but you can see this event as a sort of “Patrick presents”. We’ll bring the music, Persian rugs and lamps, and we hope to see all your lovely faces that we haven’t seen at all for so long.

Venus Mirror by Moonchy & Tobias out now!

We’re proud to announce the release of Venus Mirror, the sublime new EP from Moonchy & Tobias. The EP is available now on a limited edition CD in a dope gatefold digipak. Head to Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and the rest to soak in this beautiful release.

The luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical sway. This might be the most accessible piece of work by the duo so far. It also might be the best. Here Comes The Flood wrote: “Venus Mirror is for daydreamers of all ages”.

Reviews of Flight Music by Combo Qazam

📷 = Mirel Masic

Flight Music by Combo Qazam was released at the beginning of the pandemic, May 20, 2020. We decided to keep releasing music, despite the lack of possibilities to properly promote it. Luckily, there were a lot of reviewers & journalists who spent time with the record and wrote lovely words about it. We collected some quotes from these reviews for ya!

Musicmaker: “Well-constructed indie-prog”
3VOOR12: “Wonderful debut!”
Everything Is Noise: “An overlooked gem full of dreamy, fantastic art rock tunes!”
Louderthanwar: “A great sprawling and very itchy rock record”
Here Comes The Flood: “Combo Qazam have come out of the egg as a fully-feathered bird that can fly like a pro”
De Subjectivisten: “Music that makes you dream away, music that makes you think and music to just enjoy intensely” “A beautiful balance between hypnotic rhythms, loud postpunk and sometimes calm songs”
3voor12 Utrecht: “A balanced release in which the tight and warm atmosphere is sometimes interrupted by a sudden eruption, but it never becomes too experimental”
WoNo Magazine: “Combo Qazam is technically proficient and able to write songs that make listening to proficiency worthwhile. An album to invest time and money into.”
The Next Gig: “A very successful debut album that feels retro as well as modern”
Radioaktiv: “Harmonious and romantic, with great technical experimentation”
Mpodia: “Good old underground alternative indie”
Timpaan Muziek: “The riffs are cool and the music sounds urgent, modern, while maintaining a nostalgic layer”

Thank you all for taking your time with Flight Music and spreading the word!

Combo Qast

Happy birthday to Flight Music, the debut album by Combo Qazam from Utrecht. This postpunk/kraut/math milestone turned 1 today!

To celebrate one year of flawed corona-era promotion, they recorded a podcast episode where they talk (in Dutch) about songs that had an influence on them, while writing the album. Every band member chose two songs each to listen to and discuss about. Check it out, if you’re into Can, This Heat, Pedro the Lion, Flaming Lips and more… Listen here:

New Moonchy & Tobias EP up for preorder – first single Delibo out now!

We’re excited to announce the release of ‘Delibo’, the new single from the forthcoming Moonchy & Tobias EP, Venus Mirror. The EP will be out on June 5 through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal. ‘Delibo’ is also accompanied by a beautiful music video from Pat Moonchy:

Preorder the CD (very limited CD-r version of 20 copies!) through our Bandcamp page:

Venus Mirror is a buoyant follow-up to the brooding, nocturnal atmospheres of the duo’s 2020 release Moonchy & Tobias III, the luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical sway. On ‘Specchio Di Venere’, Tobias’ modulated synth, tuned percussion and acoustic guitar paint a widescreen scene, over which Moonchy’s vocal traces a mesmerizing wordless melody. On the other six tracks, Moonchy sings both in her native Italian and in ancient Latin, her voice soaring and graceful in turns. In the single ‘Delibo,’ the warm major sevenths of jazz are chilled by a shivering wind. ‘Leniter’ brings the EP to a fittingly ambiguous close, setting the listener adrift on see-sawing, reverb-drenched piano lines.

Cleaned the Windows by Geri van Essen out now!

Geri van Essen‘s beautiful new folk album Cleaned the Windows is out today on CD and digitally! 🥳 Listen to this record now on Bandcamp, Spotify, or buy the CD to support the artist directly. Here are some useful links for you:


Geri van Essen: “Even though I’ve essentially written another set of laments, I think a there is a jumble of emotions in the production of this album and I’m very happy with that.”

The press has been happy as well:
The Next Gig: “an honest folk album, contemporary with a nod to the past”
Timpaan Muziek: “ideal for dreaming away in a melancholic mood at night”
Here Comes The Flood: “Cleaned the Windows is like a gentle summer breeze – highly enjoyable and reinvigorating”