Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List

Our favorite releases of 2020

We released a lot of music in 2020, but we listened to a lot of music as well! Being stuck at home 24/7, you know how it goes… Anyway, these albums could be great discoveries or recommendations for all you Tiny Room Records aficionados. And if you like this Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List, you might want to check out the beautiful records we put out this year (see the bottom of this post, with links to Bandcamp for your convenience).

Have a good holiday! Stay safe, don’t die, don’t kill. <3

1. Adrianne Lenker – Songs and Instrumentals
2. Guided By Voices – Mirrored Aztec
3. Modern Nature – Annual
4. Thelonious Monster – Oh That Monster
5. The Microphones – Microphones in 2020
6. Karl Blau – Children Of All Ages
7. Microwolf – My Cauliflower Ears
8. Mike Wexler – Mike Wexler with Synthetic Love Dream
9. Yves Jarvis – Sundry Rock Song Stock
10. Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
11. Lomelda – Hannah
12. Guided By Voices – Surrender Your Poppy Field
13. Landowner – Consultant
14. Horse Lords – The Common Task
15. The Johns – Forge
16. Avery Plains – soOn
17. Lake – Roundelay
18. Elvis Depressedly – Depressedelica
19. Laura Veirs – My Echo
20. Sore Eros – Sore Eros

The records released on Tiny Room Records this year

We never add our own releases to our year-end lists, because they would replace the top 6 in the Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List. It’s another league 😉 This list was compiled by label owner Stefan Breuer, who is also a musician on some of the releases. He has a big ego, but not big enough to put himself above Adrianne Lenker and Guided By Voices. However, give these albums a listen, you indie fans!

Moonchy & Tobias – Moonchy & Tobias III
Sleepies – Time v Pleasure
Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together
Karl Blau & The World of DustBlue Herons
Combo Qazam – Flight Music