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Julie Doiron/Astral Swans split 7″

We’re so happy to be releasing this beautiful split 7″ by Julie Doiron (Eric’s Trip, Mount Eerie) and Astral Swans. You can hear it now on our Bandcamp page and order one of the 5 copies of the vinyl we have for sale (shipping mid August). Have a good weekend!

Coaster – Painted Faces (preorder)

Pre-orders are up now for Painted Faces, the debut LP of Coaster, a new slowcore/shoegaze/dreamfolk band hailing from Utrecht. Listen to three of the tracks on our Bandcamp page. The vinyl is in already, so it can reach your doormat pretty soon. Then you can hear the rest 😁 This is such a great album if you’re into artists like Alex G, Low, Red House Painters and Duster! Comfort food for the sad kids!

13 Holy Nights by The World of Dust

Hi everybody,

I’d like to notify you of this experiment! My new album as The World of Dust, 13 Holy Nights, is supplemented with a new song on Bandcamp every day. Starting today! So you can hear Wild Boars now, the first song of the 13 Holy Nights. Tomorrow I’ll make Amputation public, the day after Christmas Eve, etc. I hope you like this experiment.

There will be an LP and CD version of the album, which you can preorder now. That helps me a lot continuing this music endeavor! I’ll take this digital album offline after January 6th, and a proper release is set for later this spring.

The songs are also released on my Instagram page with accompanying AI art made by Joost M. de Jong Jr. It’s cool stuff, see it here.

Thanks for your ongoing support and have a good few weeks coming up!

Peace and love,

Pre-order the wh^rl record

🌪 Pre-order the sprawling lo-fi double LP by wh^rl now (on vinyl or cd) on our Bandcamp page! It’s Bandcamp Friday today, so all proceeds go to the artist. It’s a good day to order. Listen to two of the tracks, see the artwork and pre-order this beautiful thing via this link:

Pre-order Changelings by Microwolf now!

If you’re in need of a new music discovery, a jazzy postfolktrip that will slide easily into your year-end list, look no further! Today, pre-orders are up for Microwolf’s astonishing new album Changelings. A sexy slab of wax with a monkey and a duck on a dot-induced psychedelic cover. And all pre-orders of the vinyl come with a bonus cd-r full of alternative versions of the songs, called Fogponics!

If you’re into Talk Talk, Zita Swoon, Sparklehorse, Sufjan Stevens, dEUS, Ryland Bouchard and/or Modern Nature, you can be rest assured your money is well spent. Go to our Bandcamp page HERE.

Pre-order Gaman by The World of Dust now

Pre-order the new The World of Dust album today on Bandcamp Friday! The World of Dust’s new album is a totally acoustic, warm and soothing, elaborated indie folk record. It features contributions by Karl Blau, Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak), Tamara van Esch, Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices), among others. Click the pre-order button here:

Preorder Caspar Milquetoast’s debut EP now

We’re proud to present the debut EP by Caspar Milquetoast! Pre-order this brilliant, eclectic grab bag of stories, perspectives and styles now. We’ll Have Tea is out on CD and digital on Tiny Room Records on July 8th. But we already have the physical copies in our HQ, so orders will ship right away 🙂

You can also listen to three of the tracks now – apart from the previously released single Pink House, check out the demented folk ditty Exolinguist On Planet X and the EMA-drenched noise punches of A Face Of Burnished Gold.

Preorder Read The Room by Microplaza now

We are proud to present Read The Room, the new Microplaza 7″. Once again packed with little indie pop miniatures! They keep expanding their weird tiny universe with new hits the length of a sigh. As usual only 30 copies were made, which makes it a really cool collector’s item. Pre-orders are up now, don’t sleep on it! Read The Room will be released on Tiny Room Records on November 12th. Preorder:

Tour Dates:
November 2021: Het Koffiepand, Middelburg
13 November 2021: U?, Studio Patrick, Utrecht
23 November 2021: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Pre-order Dive by Ilsha

Listen now to two songs from Dive, the debut LP by Rotterdam based folk-outfit Ilsha. You can also preorder here!

The 12″ mini-album comes with beautiful handmade artwork (three different front covers to choose from, a pencil drawing). And it also sounds VERY GOOD, this 45rpm black vinyl record. Very spacious and detailed, doing justice to the 100+ layers on each song. Get it now, only 100 made!

Pre-order True Sound now

Pre-order True Sound

We are proud to announce the release of True Sound, the new album by Dutch experimental folk songwriter The World of Dust. True Sound will be released on September 10th by Tiny Room Records, Stereo Dasein and Hidden Shoal, on CD and digital formats. Pre-order True Sound now on Bandcamp (with a small, free, unique collage with every order):

Like the highly acclaimed predecessor Samsara from 2019, True Sound is once again a collaboration between vocalist Stefan Breuer and musician Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils). This time, the narrative of the album follows the life and death of Stefan’s grandparents. Musically, it’s slightly more upbeat, but definitely still ‘out there’, floating in the atmosphere, highlighting the magical combination of the duo. Pre-order True Sound now and find out for yourself.