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Releases in 2022

We are so proud of what we released in 2022! Vinyl and CDs, eight releases that make the world a little bit more beautiful. A big shout out to all those musicians that wanted to “work” with us on their releases and put their faith in Tiny Room. We had a blast putting things together, promoting what we could, distributing and selling these awesome records and CDs all over the world.

It started early in January with Truth Jump Fall, the 10 Year Anniversary vinyl reissue of the Toby Goodshank album (regularly spun in the Tiny Room HQ the past 10 years). In March, the first of two Moonchy & Tobias albums was released. Golem, like the December release Wild Eye, took on weirder and groovier territories – making both CDs unmissable for Moonchy & Tobias collectors, and in art rock collections in general.

Logout also had two releases: the great and super limited 10” Instrumentals (sold out in a wink) and the accessible Greek pop album Ponemela. This guy keeps evolving and improving, we are so happy to have these albums in our catalogue. Just before summer, the first Caspar Milquetoast EP (you can also call it a short album) was released on CD. We’ll Have Tea was put together by the 21-year old Amani Mohed from The Hague, with a little help from label boss Stefan Breuer. This is an enormous talent who has a lot of more in the pipeline. This is only the beginning.

After Summer, we put a lot of focus on the latest World of Dust record, Gaman. This acoustic folk album had been years in the making and it’s definitely one of the more warm & soothing records that came out on Tiny Room Records. People seem to love it. A month later, the second album by Utrecht post-punk band Combo Qazam came out, called Ghost Interior. Darker, heavier and with more depth, the band proved they are on a winning streak Charlie Sheen would be proud of.

Let’s celebrate these albums by listening to them, streaming them, buying physical copies, sending the artists some nice words, sending the music through to a friend, etc. EVERYTHING HELPS.

In 2023, we’re taking a small break from releasing new music. Probably until August. We need it. There is some beautiful stuff lined up for the fall though, don’t worry. Cheers y’all!

Wild Eye by Moonchy & Tobias out now!

Out now! Wild Eye by Moonchy & Tobias. The last release of the year. Enjoy this mix of ethereal, nocturnal pieces and unnerving tribal bedrock. Get it on CD on our Bandcamp page, or stream it on your preferred streaming platform.

De Subjectivisten: “they immerse you in a sound that comes from a parallel universe and is simply unique”
Here Comes The Flood: “Wild Eye offers a different perspective for anyone who wants to look beyond the safe routes and explore new ways to enjoy music”

Combo Qazam – Ghost Interior out now

We are proud to release the second album by Combo Qazam today! On Ghost Interior, the Utrecht-based post-punk/krautrock/math rock band pursues the suffering of being human. It’s out on 12″ vinyl with another mind-blowing sleeve (made by Carolin Kastner). Only 100 of these waxy friends were being made, so get it while you can:

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Platomania: “a masterpiece”
WoNo Magazine: “Combo Qazam takes me along some new roads. highways, byways and dirt tracks. The trip is nice and well worth it, surprises and all.”
Here Comes The Flood: “they are blessed with seemingly limitless ideas to work within self-imposed boundaries”
Luminous Dash: “Revision brings rhythmic simplicity in combination with surprising, noisy excesses and on Repeater and Hydra they actually make us dance to their cheerful, infectious math rhythms”

Tonight, Combo Qazam celebrates this release with an evening of underground music in ACU, Utrecht. Also playing are Tonsils from Belgium, and the new Tiny Room revelation Caspar Milquetoast. After tonight, the band plays more shows in The Netherlands. Be sure to check them out.

LOGOUT – Ponemela

Logout‘s sixth album Ponemela is out now! On the album you will find nine songs that are like indoor photos, arranged in order of brightness. The songs operate between happiness and sorrow. It’s about getting used to pain and being okay about it. The entire album is sung in Greek again and it’s a beautiful slice of dreampop greatness.

The World of Dust – Gaman (out now!)

The new album by The World of Dust, called Gaman, is finally out today! Gaman is basically a 100% acoustic, warm and soothing, elaborated indie folk record. Listen to it on all streaming platforms. You can also get the LP/CD on our Bandcamp page. Thank you! 

the world of dust gaman (lp with artist in record store)
Taken by Johan in De Groeverij, Houten.

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the world of dust gaman cd
The World of Dust – Gaman (CD)

Gaman is the 8th album by Dutch experimental folk artist The World of Dust. The title is Japanese for ‘enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity’ – Stefan Breuer covers weighty topics through a personal lens while in a 100% acoustic, slowcore setting. Thus, the album’s eleven songs address the struggles of a young father and artist in the midst of a climate, economic ánd health crisis. Breuer explores these ideas through a mixture of wit and melancholy. Guitars, wind instruments, harmonium and percussion provide an intimate musical ecosystem in which Breuer’s baritone thrives.


The press has certainly been very positive too so far:

Luminous Dash: “Gaman sounds very universal and deserves the necessary attention outside our national borders”
Gonzo (circus): “A perfect balance between his small songs and elaborate arrangements with an eye for the smallest detail. One of the best records that fans of Red House Painters or I am Oak can pick up this year.”
Here Comes The Flood: “superb slowcore that digs deep”
Proglog Afterglow: “an album that encourages you to reflect but also to dream away”

The album will be released on LP and CD by Tiny Room Records (Netherlands) and Lousy Moon Records (Germany), and on CD by Moorworks (Japan). It makes it undeniably his most elaborated album to date.

the world of dust - gaman (webcover)
The World of Dust – Gaman (webcover)

About the artist

The World of Dust is Dutch artist, musician, and manager of Tiny Room Records, Stefan Breuer. With this project he represents a shadowy universe of forlorn beauty, a lo-fi bedroom pop experiment shrouded in elemental imagery and laden with ennui. Influenced by artists such as Mount Eerie and Sparklehorse, The World of Dust is intimate and wistful, mining a similarly rich emotive seam to Norwegian slowcore legends The White Birch.

Pre-order Gaman by The World of Dust now

Pre-order the new The World of Dust album today on Bandcamp Friday! The World of Dust’s new album is a totally acoustic, warm and soothing, elaborated indie folk record. It features contributions by Karl Blau, Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak), Tamara van Esch, Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices), among others. Click the pre-order button here:

Caspar Milquetoast – We’ll Have Tea (out now!)

The title of Caspar Milquetoast‘s first release, We’ll Have Tea, is taken from a lyric in the final track: we’ll have tea when the rapture comes. Each track on the EP is an attempt to inhabit one particular story (four novels, one novella, a play and a TV show) and speak from the perspective of one of its characters – to sit down for tea with them, if you like.

We’ll Have Tea was recorded between November 2021 and January 2022 (although most of the tracks were written much earlier) and mastered by Tiny Room Records’ label manager Stefan Breuer. The sound of the EP is eclectic, mirroring the different character voices: an exolinguist on an alien planet tells her story to the backdrop of far-out synth arpeggios and acoustic guitar. A jilted Shakespearean mistress curses the man who tossed her aside with a frantic clarinet solo. An understated piano keeps a young man company as he waits for the execution of his lover. And track 5 begins with a remix of Mendelssohn’s wedding march.

Amani began making music around 2017, creating shaky arrangements in GarageBand and recording the vocals in her closet on a hissing USB microphone. Her methods now are much the same, although the microphone is a little better and the closet has become a one-room apartment. Caspar Milquetoast, on the other hand, came into existence in 2022: We’ll Have Tea will be Amani’s first release under that name. Two things define her approach to music: 1) her love of language and 2) her short attention span. This results in a gloriously chaotic songwriting process full of literary references and in-jokes, and generally brief songs with a clear story arc.

Instrumentals by LOGOUT out now!

Instrumentals, the new EP by LOGOUT is out today! Instrumentals finds LOGOUT returning to the classical guitar, the instrument with which he started his musical training as a kid. While his previous four albums have been focused to songwriting, this is his first release without lyrics. It explores musical themes written in the span of more than 20 years, with the resulting 7 tracks ending up somewhere between classical & indie folk genres.

On all the tracks LOGOUT is supported by the beautiful violins of Kalliopi Mitropoulou, a classical violinist who also performs in multiple classical and indie projects in Athens and London. The limited 20-copy vinyl release is sold out, but it’s still available digitally on our Bandcamp. A CD version is available via SoundInSilence Records. Listen here: