January Live: Boo Hoo + Sterre in De Groeverij

Poster by Nikki Hage

It’s showtime! This year we’ll be hosting a little bit fewer concerts than in 2022. We aim for one each month. The January and February concerts both take place in De Groeverij, a beautiful, cosy and very welcoming record store in Houten. So let’s talk about the first one! On Saturday 21st of January (next week) our German friend Boo Hoo comes over from Frankfurt for just one show. 

Boo also manages Lousy Moon Records, the label that worked with us on both Toby Goodshank‘s record as well as Gaman, the latest World of Dust album. His music is melancholy & uplifting at the same time, with stories that are captivating, quirky and beautiful. He tells stories over quiet folk strummings – standing out in the singer/songwriter genre by being so damn good. Boo is also a funny and reliable friend that we can’t wait to see (play) again. We hope you will be there with us to celebrate live music like you did last year.

Support act is Sterre, a local young woman with a steel-string guitar. We saw her play covers of the Cranberries, Elliott Smith and The Smiths, but when playing a song of her own, she struck us with trueness, personality and talent. There should be more room for beginning and developing artists to explore and experiment, so let’s do it.

Tickets are here (seats are limited): https://groeverij.nl/product/za-21-jan-boohoo-live/
RSVP in the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/3417531348482250