Monkey Pop is out now!

Lost Bear’s Monkey Pop is out now. This second record contains dark, groovy, hypnotic indie rock songs with hints at psychedelica, lo-fi and krautrock. Bands such as Liars, Weird War, The Clean and Black Heart Procession come to mind. Using only a 4-track cassette tape recorder and some basic instruments, this is Lost Bear at its most focussed and urgent ever.

Listen/order here:

Lost Bear will play two shows surrounding this release:
31-may-2015 @ SUB071, Leiden, w/ Pile, Life Savings
10-jun-2015 @ ACU, Utrecht, w/ Carsick Cars

Of course they will bring copies of the cassette they made of Monkey Pop (limited edition of 25), which you can also buy on the Bandcamp link above.