Releases in 2022

We are so proud of what we released in 2022! Vinyl and CDs, eight releases that make the world a little bit more beautiful. A big shout out to all those musicians that wanted to “work” with us on their releases and put their faith in Tiny Room. We had a blast putting things together, promoting what we could, distributing and selling these awesome records and CDs all over the world.

It started early in January with Truth Jump Fall, the 10 Year Anniversary vinyl reissue of the Toby Goodshank album (regularly spun in the Tiny Room HQ the past 10 years). In March, the first of two Moonchy & Tobias albums was released. Golem, like the December release Wild Eye, took on weirder and groovier territories – making both CDs unmissable for Moonchy & Tobias collectors, and in art rock collections in general.

Logout also had two releases: the great and super limited 10” Instrumentals (sold out in a wink) and the accessible Greek pop album Ponemela. This guy keeps evolving and improving, we are so happy to have these albums in our catalogue. Just before summer, the first Caspar Milquetoast EP (you can also call it a short album) was released on CD. We’ll Have Tea was put together by the 21-year old Amani Mohed from The Hague, with a little help from label boss Stefan Breuer. This is an enormous talent who has a lot of more in the pipeline. This is only the beginning.

After Summer, we put a lot of focus on the latest World of Dust record, Gaman. This acoustic folk album had been years in the making and it’s definitely one of the more warm & soothing records that came out on Tiny Room Records. People seem to love it. A month later, the second album by Utrecht post-punk band Combo Qazam came out, called Ghost Interior. Darker, heavier and with more depth, the band proved they are on a winning streak Charlie Sheen would be proud of.

Let’s celebrate these albums by listening to them, streaming them, buying physical copies, sending the artists some nice words, sending the music through to a friend, etc. EVERYTHING HELPS.

In 2023, we’re taking a small break from releasing new music. Probably until August. We need it. There is some beautiful stuff lined up for the fall though, don’t worry. Cheers y’all!