The World of Dust


The World of Dust is the music and art project of Stefan Breuer (also a member of Lost Bear and Howart). Every release is a unique project. Sometimes shaped with listening sessions (Bhava, 2013), a pop-up performance on Into The Great Wide Open (X, 2014), or a collaboration with Guided By Voices producer Todd Tobias (Womb Realm, 2015). Collages and music go hand in hand, creating a new, eccentric world full of colour and melancholic, slightly psychedelic sounds. During the live shows, visuals enhance this mystical mood. 

Golden Moon
The new album Golden Moon was recorded with primitive recording techniques, creating a vibe similar to the Mountain Goats, Cass McCombs, Guided By Voices and Grandaddy, only a lot more varied. It’s like listening to a twisted, diverse, psychedelic lo-fi radio station. All songs were spontaneously recorded in the process of writing. A 44-page full colour collage book with the same title was released on the same day. Golden Moon is a document of an artistic peak where joy, experiment and playfulness were preferred over ambitious aspirations.

Bhava, the debut album by The World of Dust (Stefan Breuer), was released on Snowstar Records as a book + cd in 2013. The beautiful 44-page collage book, with a cd containing 13 tracks of ‘lo-fi progrock’, quickly sold out. With this new cd reissue (a collaboration between Snowstar Records and Tiny Room Records), the music is finally available again. Essential for all adventurous music lovers out there.

On the album you find a mixture of bedroom pop, lo-fi folk, lush orchestrations, weird brass experiments, short cosmic space songs, and one epic 13-minute track about the history of the universe. The album contains guest appearances by Thijs Kuijken (I Am Oak), Aino Vehmasto (The Secret Love Parade) and Olivier Perez (Garciaphone). For fans of Robert Wyatt, Sparklehorse and Mount Eerie. Bhava means rebirth, and marked a new beginning for Stefan Breuer in his solo ventures, combining soothing acoustic sounds with esoteric visuals.

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