Tiny Room Records releases LPs, CDs, cassettes, books and zines from artists in our roster. All profits go to these artists – that has always been our business model. We sell these physical products in record stores and on our Bandcamp page. On Bandcamp, you can stream and download digital files in your preferred format (WAV, MP3, Lossless). You can also find our releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc., but Bandcamp is definitely the most artist-friendly option. Click on the image to go to our online store:

Record stores

Our (vinyl) back catalogue can be found in these record stores. If it’s sold out on our Bandcamp page, there is a chance you can still find a copy in one of these places. Plus you can always buy more great records and support these local record stores – a win/win situation. Read more about our retailers below:

Dig It! Recordstore in Utrecht

Dig It! Recordstore in Utrecht
This is the record store to go for all your wild, adventurous crate-digging of second-hand, experimental music. Located in the city centre of Utrecht, you can find all the Tiny Room Records vinyl in the pop/rock section. Support your local scene!

De Groeverij in Houten

De Groeverij in Houten
A great, newish record store in Houten (under the smoke of Utrecht). Second-hand and new vinyl. Let the owners Johan and Patrick provide you with the stories behind the records, listen to their Podcast and get inspired.

Koffie Leute record store in Utrecht

Koffie Leute in Utrecht
This friendly coffee place / venue / record store has all our vinyl, but also all our released CDs and cassettes in stock. Plus lots of other goodies from (mainly) local and national labels and scenes.

Plato record store in Utrecht

Plato needs no introduction. This record store has got a wide range of second-hand and new vinyl and CDs. You’ll never walk out of here empty-handed. In Utrecht, the Tiny Room Records vinyl has its own category.

Plato Groningen is our distributor. They distribute our releases to all Plato’s (and affiliated stores) in The Netherlands. You can always ask if they get the record in the store for you, or buy what you want on