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Ilsha + Tenrec live

We want to welcome you to our next event! For the February edition of our ‘Tiny Room Records presents’ series we’ll be in De Groeverij in Houten again.

On the bill is Ilsha, our favorite choral folk group. They don’t perform much, but when they do it’s always delightful, intimate and special.

Support act is Tenrec, Combo Qazam’s Arno Breuer on kalimba. He left quite the impression with this side act on Podiumdorst last year, so we wanted to see/experience this again.

Next week! Link to limited tickets here.

January Live: Boo Hoo + Sterre in De Groeverij

Poster by Nikki Hage

It’s showtime! This year we’ll be hosting a little bit fewer concerts than in 2022. We aim for one each month. The January and February concerts both take place in De Groeverij, a beautiful, cosy and very welcoming record store in Houten. So let’s talk about the first one! On Saturday 21st of January (next week) our German friend Boo Hoo comes over from Frankfurt for just one show. 

Boo also manages Lousy Moon Records, the label that worked with us on both Toby Goodshank‘s record as well as Gaman, the latest World of Dust album. His music is melancholy & uplifting at the same time, with stories that are captivating, quirky and beautiful. He tells stories over quiet folk strummings – standing out in the singer/songwriter genre by being so damn good. Boo is also a funny and reliable friend that we can’t wait to see (play) again. We hope you will be there with us to celebrate live music like you did last year.

Support act is Sterre, a local young woman with a steel-string guitar. We saw her play covers of the Cranberries, Elliott Smith and The Smiths, but when playing a song of her own, she struck us with trueness, personality and talent. There should be more room for beginning and developing artists to explore and experiment, so let’s do it.

Tickets are here (seats are limited):
RSVP in the FB event:

Show overview 2022

Show overview 2022

In my show overview post of December last year, I read that I was hopeful about 2022 without having reasons for that at the moment. There was still a lockdown and it didn’t seem things would go back to normal anytime soon. But it did, in a way. Venues opened up, bands were eager to participate in the rat race again but the whole landscape was different. Promoters were gone, venues closed, people had to find other jobs…

I had the feeling I had to hop on the train, sometimes leaving me feel stressed, misunderstood, rushed. But I did my best to make live music happen again, together with my friends. And a lot of things worked out, so I am super grateful for that and I don’t want to complain about having too much success or good things going on – that doesn’t make sense.

So how this year turned out… Tiny Room Booking booked, organized or hosted 76 concerts this year. Mainly for our own roster (Combo Qazam, The World of Dust, Toby Goodshank, Ilsha, Caspar Milquetoast). Very glad to see these artists play again. Then there was the Podiumdorst series in the Vechtclub. 16 evenings of cool, new, underground music, nice little gatherings of a DIY-minded music-loving community in Utrecht. Perfect celebrations of the exact thing we missed the past few covid-years.

New year

In the new year I hope I have the strength to hop OFF the train once in a while. I don’t know if it’s long covid or has to do with other things, but I need to recover one or two days after every event, and with so many shows there is no time for that. My plan up until summer is to organize 1 show every month. The shows for January and February will take place in De Groeverij in Houten, the subsequent ones in Studio Patrick. More news about that soon! There will be more World of Dust and Combo Qazam shows too, but also weeks of rest. See you all in the new year, with a different show overview at the end of the year.

– Stefan

(In the photo you see me playing a show with Combo Qazam in Wroclaw, Poland. Photo by poomackuszukam. And this show was booked by Yugofuturism ❤)

Toby Goodshank on tour

Anti-folk superstar Toby Goodshank (USA) is coming to Europe! We booked the shows in The Netherlands, and after that Toby (along with Leslie Graves from the USA and Boo Hoo from Germany) will play more shows in Germany, Austria and Poland. On the first and the last show, The World of Dust will play a short set as well. It’s time to celebrate the anniversary edition of Toby’s majestic album ‘Truth Jump Fall’! All tour dates:

June 4 Houten @ De Groeverij
June 6 Utrecht @ Vechtclub XL
June 7 Amsterdam @ De Nieuwe Anita
June 8 Cologne @ Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
June 9 Frankfurt @ Public Library
June 10 Mainz @ Hafeneck
June 11 Frankfurt @ Seilerei
June 12 Offenbach @ Waggon
June 13 Nürnberg @ Bernsteinzimmer
June 14 Vienna @ Tunnel Vienna Live
June 15 Poznan @ CK Nowe Amore
June 16 Hamburg @ Jolly Jumper
June 17 Bremen @ Zakk
June 20 Berlin @ Schokoladen

Podiumdorst #1

We are finally hosting shows again! On the last day of this month you can see Tiny Room acts Geri van Essen and Microplaza both celebrating their 2021 releases on a stage in Utrecht: Vechtclub XL. Also playing is SOON, who are releasing their debut album on Subroutine that week. From the timeless altfolk of Geri van Essen, to the playful indie pop of duo Microplaza, to the spacey kraut noise of SOON: this evening has it all. It’s on a Monday, so there’s nothing else to do anyway. And you are probably longing for live music as much as we are. See you there!

Buy tickets:

poster by Vincent van Petten

Shows – 2021 recap

2021 is coming to an end. The corona virus made this another year with less music, art, shows, and color. But it’s time for some positive reflection. Because what did happen, was GOOD.

Ilsha and Microplaza shows at Het Koffiepand in Middelburg
Ilsha at Het Koffiepand, Middelburg.

We are very, very grateful for the shows we booked this year. It turned out we managed to book and host 20 shows. 20 concerts by brilliant artists such as Ilsha, Combo Qazam, The World of Dust and Microplaza. We organized one amazing day filled with love and laughter in Studio Patrick during the Le Guess Who? / U? festival. The Tiny Room train visited Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Middelburg, Apeldoorn and Liège in Belgium.

Shows at U? Festival Utrecht
Combo Qazam at U? Festival, Utrecht. Photo by Mirel Masic.

Every one of these shows was memorable and worth living for. Thank you to the artists, the venues, the sound engineers, the promoters and the audience. Thank you, thank you. 🙏 Let’s make 2022 as best as possible.