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Todd Tobias 2018

In 2012, Todd released his first solo work titled Medicine Show on Australia’s Hidden Shoal. Impossible Cities and Impossible Cities 2 were the first releases on Tiny Room Records, in 2014. The more ambient based album Tristes Tropiques (along with the companion EP Moorea) saw the light of day in 2015. Gila Man, a psychedelic sci-fi western, was released in 2016.

On 23 March 2018, we will release Massabu Evening Entertainments. The album, to be released on cd and cassette, is a rollicking 14-track set of Middle-Eastern flavored psychedelica. Tobias creates an image of an exotic sea port town, Massabu. In this city, there’s a night club grotto called The Blind Baboon, filled with wild dancers and intoxicating fumes. House band Combo Qasam plays their provocative rhythms every night until their fingers bleed. Also on the album is Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy (Faust, Sothiac), who lends her playful, otherworldly touch on three tracks, as well as Chloë March and Tim Tobias.

On the album, Combo Qasam is a fictional band from Massabu. But in the meantime, Hanad (electric guitar, rebab, kaban), Soofe (flute, farfisa organ, rababah), Maax (bass guitar, boxes) and Doog (spoons), along with dancers and actors, are ready to perform their weirdness on stage. During three Dutch shows, this combo (in which we recognize members of Lost Bear and Rogue Minor) will play the songs from Massabu Evening Entertainments. They will bring their DIY Fun Movement to these towns, supporting Gillespie from Kosovo on every night:

March 22: OCCII, Amsterdam
March 23: Worm, Rotterdam
March 25: Studio Patrick, Utrecht (private event, drop us a line)

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