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Combo Qazam consists of four early Millennials who grew up in an analog world, where they first learned about creative freedom. Now, as adults in an algorithmic era, they feel ambiguous. People often feel detached and controlled, but it is precisely the digital, global society that offer opportunities to break existing structures and celebrate life together. Combo Qazam is operating on these crossroads of analog and digital, old and new, hope and fear.

You hear this dichotomy throughout the music of Combo Qazam. The band can sound mechanical yet humane at the same time. Prog-like perfection goes hand in hand with Pavementesque dissonance. Aloof lyrics are being sung with heavenly harmonies. Scraping guitars and goofy samples are being recorded on 4-track cassette and in Logic Pro. The beat is leading you through eerie melodies, with hints at postpunk, mathrock, kraut and noise.

Together, the four men of Combo Qazam (Ab al Tamimi, Gino Miniutti, Arno Breuer, Stefan Breuer) have 80 years of experience in 40 bands. Debut album ‘Flight Music’ was released on LP by Tiny Room Records on May 20, 2020. Buy the LP in our Bandcamp store!

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