Combo Qazam

Upcoming Shows
21-oct-2022: ACU, Utrecht (release show)
17-nov-2022: Plato, Groningen (instore)
17-nov-2022: Simplon Up, Groningen
19-nov-2022: Cafe de Bel, Rotterdam, w/ The Lovebombers
26-nov-2022: De Schuit, Katwijk aan Zee, w/ The Guru Guru
23-dec-2022: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

Artist Bio
Never before has humanity come to a halt as abruptly as in March 2020. Never before have people been forced to analyze themselves as they have during the pandemic. And it has never been so clear that people would rather not undertake this endeavor. Combo Qazam however seized this opportunity with both hands. On Ghost Interior, the band pursues the suffering of being human.

Ghost Interior is like watching a terrible accident without feeling anything. It’s like a festival experience that only takes place in your head. Ghost Interior is about crawling away on your own, when everything gets too much.

Combo Qazam makes an attempt to look into the depths of the soul, by distancing itself from human emotion. The band does this at the frequency conserved by bands such as Can, Beak>, Unwound, This Heat and Wire, while being open to the current zeitgeist. Ghost Interior was constructed and recorded by the band, with some of the band members in isolation during the process. It was mastered by Floyd Atema (Sweet Release of Death, Zea, Howrah). The 12” vinyl, with a beautiful sleeve designed by German artist Caro Kastner, comes out on October 21, 2022 on Tiny Room Records.

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