Tiny Wine

When Chri Milton was young, his mother would play him tapes on a small shoe-box tape player/recorder. This model, a RCA RP3504, had been in the family since he was a kid. Growing up with the analogue and dusty sound of cassettes, he grew fond of the lo-finess and authenticity that artists such as Daniel Johnston, Smog, Guided By Voices and R. Stevie Moore displayed on their landmark records in the 90s. 

A few decades later, he found a similar soul in singer/guitarist Vertro Ubretl. The two played together in post-punk band Greed Island but decided to put that outfit on hold in the summer of 2020, when Vertro asked Chri on bass & synth to start a new band together. With Tiny Wine, they wanted to work further on exploring a lo-fi indie sound. One that would capture that nostalgic feel of what has been, from times when the music was barely hanging on to the tape that carried it. They succeeded with Archer, their first release, by using the same RCA RP3504 tape machine from Chri’s youth to capture their fragile, dreamy songs.

The Archer EP is released on vinyl and cassette, the two main analogue carriers of music still in use today. Of course the music will also be released on all digital platforms, to serve the current music listener correctly. Archer by Tiny Wine was released on December 22, 2020 by Dutch label Tiny Room Records and New Hampshire (USA) based label/collective Salty Speakers.