Toby Goodshank

Pic by Rachelyn Remz//tootired2flirt
Pic by Rachelyn Remz//tootired2flirt

Upcoming Concerts
22 May 2019: De Kromme Haring, Utrecht
23 May 2019: Willem Twee, Den Bosch
24 May 2019: O’Ceallaigh, Groningen
25 May 2019: Koffie & Ambacht, Rotterdam

Artist Bio
Toby Goodshank’s untitled album from 2009 (aptly titled “untitled”) will be resurrected on May 17, 2019. The music has been remastered for vinyl by Kramer (Bongwater, Ween, Butthole Surfers). The untitled record will be reissued in support of its tenth anniversary by Tiny Room Records (The Netherlands) and Lousy Moon Records (Germany). Untitled is a slightly confusing and disorienting record – something that shows in its music styles, artwork and album credits. Following this release, Toby will tour for two weeks around Europe, including four shows in The Netherlands.

All the tracks (named progressively from Track 1 to Track 10) are a mix of pop, rock and anti-folk, somewhere between Herman Düne, Adam Green, Beck, Bob Dylan and The Frogs. The songs always keep a classic early ‘00s DIY vibe. The grotesque and ironic slogans that make up the lyrics work as a shell, drawing the attention to deeper meanings. Combined with the complex arrangements of the songs, this definitely ranks among Goodshank’s best works of his career.

The Brooklyn-based artist made his high-profile musical debut as a guitar player in The Moldy Peaches. He started a prolific solo career, recording and self-releasing 14 albums in a five-year span and touring Europe with artists including Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson. Goodshank’s style draws from a variety of pop, underground art and musical influences and employs many instrumental textures. Unconventional song structure, humor, innuendo and wordplay are staples of his music and artwork. He co-founded the 3MB art collective with Adam Green and Macaulay Culkin. The collective recently directed and starred in a music video for Father John Misty’s song Total Entertainment Forever. In 2014 he toured Europe and the UK as Adam Green’s guitarist, and in the US and UK with The Pizza Underground as both the opening act and as an auxiliary member.

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