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New self-titled Astral Swans album out now!

We are very happy to release the new self-titled Astral Swans album today!

This self-titled record is Swann’s most upbeat, catchy & immediate album to date. Each song operates as an absurdist short story filled with Swann’s wry observations of the sad beauty of mundane moments. The songs range from affirmations of joy amidst dread, composed in the streets of Shimokitazawa Tokyo (The Wind In A Mindless Universe), to ballads of disoriented uncertainty set against the backdrop of early quarantine (Spiral). Songs about birds heckling the anxious and heartbroken in Vondelpark Amsterdam (Bird Songs), to a cover of the Cat Power classic Cross Bones Style, sung as a duet with Julie Doiron (Eric’s Trip, Mount Eerie). The album closer I Was Awake For Awhile is an interrogation of somebody who is trying to piece together the events that transpired over many days of, well…being awake.

De Subjectivisten: “the strong, sometimes timeless songs of Astral Swans manage to take you completely out of reality, something that is very welcome in these troubled times”
WoNo Magazine: “a gem of an album that is certainly a contender for the best of 2021 list”
Here Comes The Flood: “a carefully balanced set of songs, a tapestry whereupon optimism (Beautiful Things Will Happen) and pessimism (End Of The World) are playing catch” 

The World of Dust – True Sound (out now)

True Sound by The World of Dust is out today! For his 6th record, the experimental folk artist from Bilthoven once again teamed up with GBV associate Todd Tobias. Tobias provided an upbeat yet dreamy backdrop to Breuer’s lyrics – this time resulting in a concept album about his grandparents. Now available on CD and all streaming services.

Apple Music:

The press has been loving it so far:
De Subjectivisten: “a compelling, impressive and most wondrously beautiful gem and tribute”
3voor12/Utrecht: “magnificent!”
Proglog Afterglow: “intriguing and honest”
Here Comes The Flood: “accessible underground music that will be embraced by anyone who is serious about music and has had his share of loss and love”

In some ways a concept album, True Sound charts a very personal exploration of the life and death of Stefan Breuer’s grandparents. The unique overarching narrative that plays out with each song, and the warmth of the delivery, unites the album into a moving and consistent whole. As with The World of Dust’s acclaimed previous album, Samsara, the instrumental elements on True Sound were created by Todd Tobias, who sent them to Breuer to write and sing the lyrics. Tobias’s wonderfully melodic compositions call to mind his work with Robert Pollard, creating a haunting marriage when combined with Breuer’s pure vocal tones, reminiscent of The White Birch’s Ola Flottum. 
The mesmerising, drumless opening track ‘Sailing’ introduces Breuer’s grandfather, Jan (whose personal effects are on display in the Museum of Vlaardingen), over insistent, metallic guitar and burbling modulation. First single ‘Goodbye’ has a charming, wistful sway and gorgeous vocal harmonies, which belie its sobering story of Jan’s battle with cancer. Jan’s first wife, who passed away during childbirth, is commemorated on ‘Petronella’s Death’, with its elegant, descending guitar figures. And Breuer’s grandmother is touchingly memorialised on the elegant tempo shift and eerie arpeggios of ‘Nel’s Passing’. Ultimately, True Sound is testament to the liberation that comes from letting go.

Venus Mirror by Moonchy & Tobias out now!

We’re proud to announce the release of Venus Mirror, the sublime new EP from Moonchy & Tobias. The EP is available now on a limited edition CD in a dope gatefold digipak. Head to Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and the rest to soak in this beautiful release.

The luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical sway. This might be the most accessible piece of work by the duo so far. It also might be the best. Here Comes The Flood wrote: “Venus Mirror is for daydreamers of all ages”.

New Moonchy & Tobias EP up for preorder – first single Delibo out now!

We’re excited to announce the release of ‘Delibo’, the new single from the forthcoming Moonchy & Tobias EP, Venus Mirror. The EP will be out on June 5 through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal. ‘Delibo’ is also accompanied by a beautiful music video from Pat Moonchy:

Preorder the CD (very limited CD-r version of 20 copies!) through our Bandcamp page:

Venus Mirror is a buoyant follow-up to the brooding, nocturnal atmospheres of the duo’s 2020 release Moonchy & Tobias III, the luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical sway. On ‘Specchio Di Venere’, Tobias’ modulated synth, tuned percussion and acoustic guitar paint a widescreen scene, over which Moonchy’s vocal traces a mesmerizing wordless melody. On the other six tracks, Moonchy sings both in her native Italian and in ancient Latin, her voice soaring and graceful in turns. In the single ‘Delibo,’ the warm major sevenths of jazz are chilled by a shivering wind. ‘Leniter’ brings the EP to a fittingly ambiguous close, setting the listener adrift on see-sawing, reverb-drenched piano lines.

Cleaned the Windows by Geri van Essen out now!

Geri van Essen‘s beautiful new folk album Cleaned the Windows is out today on CD and digitally! 🥳 Listen to this record now on Bandcamp, Spotify, or buy the CD to support the artist directly. Here are some useful links for you:


Geri van Essen: “Even though I’ve essentially written another set of laments, I think a there is a jumble of emotions in the production of this album and I’m very happy with that.”

The press has been happy as well:
The Next Gig: “an honest folk album, contemporary with a nod to the past”
Timpaan Muziek: “ideal for dreaming away in a melancholic mood at night”
Here Comes The Flood: “Cleaned the Windows is like a gentle summer breeze – highly enjoyable and reinvigorating”

Tiny Wine – ‘Archer’

We released Tiny Wine’s debut EP Archer yesterday on 7″ vinyl and cassette! You can purchase now on our Bandcamp – we will ship in January. If you’re into lo-fi bedroom pop like Daniel Johnston, Smog and GBV, you might want to check this out. Limited edition, cool underground 4-track stuff, harking back to a golden era of indie music. 

Tiny Wine – Leaves premiere on Post-Trash

Post-Trash just premiered the first song from Tiny Wine’s debut EP Archer. Check it out on their website or below if you’re into lo-fi tape goodness!

They also wrote some cool words: “It sounds warped and faded, rippling from another time with lo-fi beauty. There’s a backward ambiance to it, with just the voices, sparse guitar, and the simple crack of the rhythm holding it together like homemade glue. It’s a dreamy song that pulls on those themes of nostalgia. The band work a nice buzzing guitar riff and a catchy whistled melody for a bit of texture as things crackle to a close.”

Pre-orders of the vinyl and cassette are up now too, go to our Bandcamp store.

Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List

Our favorite releases of 2020

We released a lot of music in 2020, but we listened to a lot of music as well! Being stuck at home 24/7, you know how it goes… Anyway, these albums could be great discoveries or recommendations for all you Tiny Room Records aficionados. And if you like this Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List, you might want to check out the beautiful records we put out this year (see the bottom of this post, with links to Bandcamp for your convenience).

Have a good holiday! Stay safe, don’t die, don’t kill. <3

1. Adrianne Lenker – Songs and Instrumentals
2. Guided By Voices – Mirrored Aztec
3. Modern Nature – Annual
4. Thelonious Monster – Oh That Monster
5. The Microphones – Microphones in 2020
6. Karl Blau – Children Of All Ages
7. Microwolf – My Cauliflower Ears
8. Mike Wexler – Mike Wexler with Synthetic Love Dream
9. Yves Jarvis – Sundry Rock Song Stock
10. Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
11. Lomelda – Hannah
12. Guided By Voices – Surrender Your Poppy Field
13. Landowner – Consultant
14. Horse Lords – The Common Task
15. The Johns – Forge
16. Avery Plains – soOn
17. Lake – Roundelay
18. Elvis Depressedly – Depressedelica
19. Laura Veirs – My Echo
20. Sore Eros – Sore Eros

The records released on Tiny Room Records this year

We never add our own releases to our year-end lists, because they would replace the top 6 in the Best Indie Albums of 2020 Year-End List. It’s another league 😉 This list was compiled by label owner Stefan Breuer, who is also a musician on some of the releases. He has a big ego, but not big enough to put himself above Adrianne Lenker and Guided By Voices. However, give these albums a listen, you indie fans!

Moonchy & Tobias – Moonchy & Tobias III
Sleepies – Time v Pleasure
Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together
Karl Blau & The World of DustBlue Herons
Combo Qazam – Flight Music

2020 Releases Recap

2020 was a weird year. We feel lucky that we still exist. We have always been driven solely by the motivation of sharing experiences and music, rather than involving money in the label. This year, we were happy to have made that choice when we started the label. Although the experiences (hosting and booking shows, getting togethers with friends and scene members, meeting new people) were put on hold, we were still able to put out new music like before. But we feel very bad for all those people that lost their jobs, lost their ability to do what they do good, venues closing, people getting depressed. Losing money is one thing, and losing the experience of sharing live music on top of that is just plain awful. 

In this post, we’d like to focus on the six releases we put out this year. Quite a few of them would have sold better if they were promoted with tours. So if you want to support these musicians to earn back their pressing costs, head on over to our Bandcamp page and spend whatever money you can spare. All proceeds will go to the artists, as always. Here you go:

Journalists and influencers, these are all records you can put in your year-end lists. It would help us spread the word!

Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together
Great 2nd installment of the project by Arno (music) and Benjamin (words). Dark, intense, flawless indie miniatures. Sold out 7″, sorry kids. 

Combo Qazam – Flight Music
Debut album by Utrecht veterans where guitars and rhythms blend together into an exciting mix of post-punk, math, noise, kraut and 90s indie rock.

Karl Blau & The World of Dust – Blue Herons
Split 7″ with local lo-fi goodness. Very special to have Karl Blau in the roster this way. Beautiful release.

Sleepies – Time v Pleasure
This was one of our favorite releases when it came out (digitally), so we decided to honor it with a physical cassette release. The best NY post-punk you’ll hear this year.

Greek psych masterpiece. Melancholy like Sigur Rós, but way more intimate. This is a must-have.

Moonchy & Tobias – Moonchy & Tobias III
Third record by Todd Tobias & Pat Moonchy, very dark, and way out there. It’s like a nightmare seen through MDMA eyes. Love it.

Stay safe, enjoy the music!

Moonchy & Tobias III out now on cd / digital!

Today we release Moonchy & Tobias III into the world, the sublime third collaborative album of vocalist Pat Moonchy (Sothiac) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Todd Tobias (GBV, Robert Pollard) under the Moonchy & Tobias banner.

Get the CD now here:

The album is available now on CD and in digital formats via Bandcamp, streaming via Spotify and is available to download or stream at most online stores.

“Musically you have references such as Mi And L’Au, The Caretaker, Cranes, Dead Can Dance and Portishead , although they never quite cover what this pair brings here. In conclusion, you can safely say that you are certainly not dealing with an average combo. What a great, versatile and mesmerizing album!” – De Subjectivisten