Corona update

Update on the corona situation from the Tiny Room Records HQ. At this point it feels a bit strange to continue work as planned. In some cases, continuation is also impossible because of closed facilities and the fact that we stay at home as much as possible. Tiny Room is a non-profit organization, and luckily we won’t loose a lot of money. Some of our bands have cancelled shows, which always sucks but is not the most important thing right now. We feel for the artists who made this their jobs. Hang in there!

Although putting out records is not our main income, it is one of the main reasons we live and enjoy life: making and sharing art and music. Being homebound, we expect more new stuff very soon. Probably from the musicians without kids, because after a week with two kids (age 3 and 6) in the Tiny Room HQ, we didn’t see a lot of recording happeningĀ šŸ˜‰

We also have planned releases that we want to keep sharing. There is some upcoming vinyl and upcoming tours, and we’ll see what the best options are with every release. What do YOU want? Should we keep releasing things digitally? Should we keep promoting new music? Putting out and sending out new records? Is there still a demand for that? Is this a time when people have more time to listen to new music, or do they have other things on their mind?

For now, these are the upcoming releases with the current status:

April 11 – Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together
Digital release will go live on April 11. We are still awaiting the 7″ vinyl records. There is a release show planned on April 12 in Dig It! Recordstore in Utrecht, but when we have to postpone it, we’ll celebrate the physical release at a later point. We will still send out packages as long as the postal offices stay open.

May 20 – Combo Qazam – Flight Music
Same story: digital release will go live, promotion will proceed. If we don’t have the vinyl or have to cancel the release tour (May 20-23) we’ll celebrate and sell this beautiful slab of vinyl later this year.

Another cool release was almost finished, a split 7″ between The World of Dust and Karl Blau. It was set for April 7, but we can’t finish the sleeves at the moment and we are postponing this release until we can do right to this release.

Hang in there, stay at home, stay positive, listen/share music, ideas, thoughts and look out for each other in this strange times.