New single by Astral Swans: Flood (feat. Julie Doiron)

Big news! The new self-titled Astral Swans album comes out on Tiny Room Records and Major Tom Records on October 8th. First single Flood is out now, and it features Julie Doiron (Eric’s Trip, Mount Eerie) on backing vocals!

Astral Swans’ songwriter Matthew Swann about the single: “Flood is a song that has some sway. It was one of the earliest songs completed for the record. The objective was to create an upbeat, danceable pop song, that’s slightly sinister. The song has a lot of space and throwback production nods; think Scott Walker, meets Linda Ronstadt, meets Air (saxophone, mellotron strings, bass triplets). Julie’s background vocals then take everything to a higher plane. So musically we have all that going on, and then lyrically it’s from the perspective of this Dostoyevskian underground man, antisocial personality type, who’s literally dreaming about being the last man on earth, alone with the object of his desires. The music is all glamour, contrasted against the unglamourous lyrics about the delusions of a 4chan incel.”