Combo Qazam live at the Vechtclub XL, Utrecht

First live show we organized in more than a year… and it’s happening this Monday (June 14) already! Combo Qazam will play the big hall of the Vechtclub XL in Utrecht. Seats are limited to 30, and all usual corona measurements are in place. No need to test or anything though, you just have to be healthy and buy a ticket in advance. We are beyond excited and really hope you will share this weird sitting-on-a-chair-with-distance-between-you experience with us one last time.

Tickets here (get them fast)!

It’s a special show for Combo Qazam, cause it’s the first (and probably last) time they will perform as a three-piece. Guitarist Gino is still quarantined, but will re-enter society soon. The other members worked on new material all year and are eager to share their work with you. Expect a few Flight Music ditties, and a lot of new and newer stuff. It’s dark, groovy, and cool.

We are happy with the opportunity that Vechtclub XL gave us, as it is not possible at the moment to host shows in our own Studio Patrick. We hope to be able to soon, but you can see this event as a sort of “Patrick presents”. We’ll bring the music, Persian rugs and lamps, and we hope to see all your lovely faces that we haven’t seen at all for so long.