Reviews of Flight Music by Combo Qazam

đź“· = Mirel Masic

Flight Music by Combo Qazam was released at the beginning of the pandemic, May 20, 2020. We decided to keep releasing music, despite the lack of possibilities to properly promote it. Luckily, there were a lot of reviewers & journalists who spent time with the record and wrote lovely words about it. We collected some quotes from these reviews for ya!

Musicmaker: “Well-constructed indie-prog”
3VOOR12: “Wonderful debut!”
Everything Is Noise: “An overlooked gem full of dreamy, fantastic art rock tunes!”
Louderthanwar: “A great sprawling and very itchy rock record”
Here Comes The Flood: “Combo Qazam have come out of the egg as a fully-feathered bird that can fly like a pro”
De Subjectivisten: “Music that makes you dream away, music that makes you think and music to just enjoy intensely” “A beautiful balance between hypnotic rhythms, loud postpunk and sometimes calm songs”
3voor12 Utrecht: “A balanced release in which the tight and warm atmosphere is sometimes interrupted by a sudden eruption, but it never becomes too experimental”
WoNo Magazine: “Combo Qazam is technically proficient and able to write songs that make listening to proficiency worthwhile. An album to invest time and money into.”
The Next Gig: “A very successful debut album that feels retro as well as modern”
Radioaktiv: “Harmonious and romantic, with great technical experimentation”
Mpodia: “Good old underground alternative indie”
Timpaan Muziek: “The riffs are cool and the music sounds urgent, modern, while maintaining a nostalgic layer”

Thank you all for taking your time with Flight Music and spreading the word!