Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together

Microplaza released their second album ‘We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together’ yesterday! Get your copy here. There was supposed to be a release show, but of course we had to come up with something digital (and had a lovely party on Facebook with this semi-live video).

‘We’ll never fit in this poem together’ is the follow-up to Microplaza’s self-titled debut, which was praised for its combination of accessibility and alienation. The duo returns with six flawless indie miniatures: more consistent, darker and more intense than the debut, but just as inventive and surprising.

Microplaza is the indie pop duo of multi-instrumentalist Arno Breuer (Combo Qazam, Lost Bear) and singer Benjamin van Vliet (Microwolf, Moi, le voisin), formed after a call from Arno on Facebook to make music together. Arno writes the music, Benjamin completes the songs with his lyrics and music.

‘We’ll never fit in this poem together’ is a mini album that says a lot in a short time and remains accessible at the same time. An album that invites without temptation and has wisdom without giving answers. Benjamin and Arno have found each other again, in a musical landscape somewhere between Sparklehorse, Thom Yorke, WHY? and Thee More Shallows.