2020 Releases Recap

2020 was a weird year. We feel lucky that we still exist. We have always been driven solely by the motivation of sharing experiences and music, rather than involving money in the label. This year, we were happy to have made that choice when we started the label. Although the experiences (hosting and booking shows, getting togethers with friends and scene members, meeting new people) were put on hold, we were still able to put out new music like before. But we feel very bad for all those people that lost their jobs, lost their ability to do what they do good, venues closing, people getting depressed. Losing money is one thing, and losing the experience of sharing live music on top of that is just plain awful. 

In this post, we’d like to focus on the six releases we put out this year. Quite a few of them would have sold better if they were promoted with tours. So if you want to support these musicians to earn back their pressing costs, head on over to our Bandcamp page and spend whatever money you can spare. All proceeds will go to the artists, as always. Here you go: https://tinyroomrecords.bandcamp.com/merch

Journalists and influencers, these are all records you can put in your year-end lists. It would help us spread the word!

Microplaza – We’ll Never Fit In This Poem Together
Great 2nd installment of the project by Arno (music) and Benjamin (words). Dark, intense, flawless indie miniatures. Sold out 7″, sorry kids. 

Combo Qazam – Flight Music
Debut album by Utrecht veterans where guitars and rhythms blend together into an exciting mix of post-punk, math, noise, kraut and 90s indie rock.

Karl Blau & The World of Dust – Blue Herons
Split 7″ with local lo-fi goodness. Very special to have Karl Blau in the roster this way. Beautiful release.

Sleepies – Time v Pleasure
This was one of our favorite releases when it came out (digitally), so we decided to honor it with a physical cassette release. The best NY post-punk you’ll hear this year.

Greek psych masterpiece. Melancholy like Sigur Rós, but way more intimate. This is a must-have.

Moonchy & Tobias – Moonchy & Tobias III
Third record by Todd Tobias & Pat Moonchy, very dark, and way out there. It’s like a nightmare seen through MDMA eyes. Love it.

Stay safe, enjoy the music!